PR Gifts Policy

At Happii, we value meaningful connections, ethical practices, and sustainability. Our Public Relations (PR) policy outlines the guidelines and principles for collaborations with content creators who align with our brand values. We believe in fostering relationships with individuals who share our commitment to promoting sustainable and ethically made kids' swimwear and accessories.

1. Purpose of Collaboration:

Happii aims to collaborate with content creators who resonate with our brand philosophy and values. We seek to create genuine partnerships with individuals who are passionate about sustainability, ethical practices, and providing children with high-quality, full-coverage swimwear.

2. Eligibility Criteria:

Content creators interested in collaborating with Happii should meet the following criteria:

  • A demonstrated commitment to sustainable and ethical practices in their content.
  • Alignment with Happii's values of promoting UPF 50+ full-length and full-coverage kids swimwear & protecting children's delicate skin to prevent sun damage.
  • A focus on family-friendly and child-centric content.
  • A positive and inclusive online presence.

3. Collaboration Process:

  • Content creators interested in collaboration can express their interest by contacting Happii through designated channels.
  • Happii will review the creator's profile and content to ensure alignment with our brand values.
  • Approved creators will be contacted for potential collaboration opportunities.

4. PR Gifts and Collaboration Perks:

  • Happii will provide PR gifts to selected content creators throughout the year, especially during new product launches and collection releases.
  • Content creators may receive exclusive access to new Happii products.
  • Collaborators are encouraged to share their honest opinions and experiences with Happii products.

5. Content Requirements:

  • Collaborators are expected to create high-quality and authentic content featuring Happii products.
  • Content should highlight the premium, sustainable and ethical aspects of our swimwear and accessories.
  • Use of appropriate hashtags and tags to promote Happii and our mission is encouraged.

6. Usage Rights:

  • Happii reserves the right to use content created by collaborators for promotional purposes on our official channels with proper credit given to the content creator.

7. Termination of Collaboration:

  • Happii reserves the right to terminate collaboration with a content creator if there is a breach of our brand values or any terms outlined in this policy.

8. Feedback and Communication:

  • Happii welcomes feedback from collaborators to improve our products and collaborations.
  • Open communication channels will be maintained throughout the collaboration period.

By adhering to these guidelines, we hope to create a mutually beneficial relationship with content creators who share our passion for premium, sustainable and ethical kids' swimwear.

Effective Date: 1/11/2023

Note: This PR policy is subject to change, and Happii reserves the right to modify it at any time.