Introducing the Happii Baby Collection

We are bursting with excitement as we unveil a milestone moment in the Happii journey. It is with immense joy and pride that we introduce the latest addition to our Happii collection: Size 18-24 months - the beginning of our Happii Baby collection!

At Happii, we believe in spreading joy, creating memories, and making every moment special. And what better way to kickstart this incredible journey than by inviting your little ones to join the Happii family from a tender age?

The introduction of our Size 18-24 months swimsuit will ensuring that every child, no matter their age, can experience the unparalleled joy of Happii.

Why Size 18-24 Months?

As parents, we understand the struggle of finding the perfect fit for your little bundles of joy. Babies grow at an astonishing rate, and keeping up with their changing sizes can be a delightful challenge. We've listened to your feedback and recognised the need for a size range that accommodates our youngest Happii enthusiasts.

Our Size 18-24 months swimsuits are designed with the same love, care, and attention to detail that define the Happii brand. Crafted from the finest Italian fabrics, these swimsuits are not just about style – they prioritise comfort, ensuring that your little one can play, splash, and explore with ease.

Making a Splash with Happii: The Benefits of Early Introduction

Introducing your child to the world of Happii at such a young age has numerous benefits. Beyond the vibrant colours, our swimsuits are designed to foster a love for water play, promoting sun safety and convenience in & outside of the water. The early introduction to our swimwear also lays the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of water activities and encourages a healthy, active lifestyle.

How to Get Your Hands on Happii's Size 18-24 Months Swimsuits

Our Size 18-24 months collection is now available for purchase on our website Don't miss the chance to explore the vibrant world of Happii with your tiny tot – order today and make a splash in style!

We invite you to join us in celebrating this special moment in the Happii journey. As we expand our size range to include the tiniest tots, we look forward to seeing your little ones radiate joy, confidence, and a whole lot of cuteness in their Happii Baby swimsuits.

Dive into joy with Happii!

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