Mission & Values

Founded in 2023, Happii is dedicated to delivering excellence in premium and sustainable kids swimwear and accessories. We're setting new standards in premium, sustainable, and ethically made kids swimwear and accessories.

At Happii, we hold our values close to our hearts, ensuring that every aspect of our brand aligns with what we believe in.

Premium Quality: We exclusively use top-tier fabrics and materials for unparalleled durability and comfort.

Sustainable & Ethically Made: We prioritise sustainability and hold a deep respect for both the environment and the communities it supports.

Protect & Prevent: Our primary aim is to ensure the protection of kids' skin from harmful sun rays, guarding against sun damage with utmost care.

Enhanced Accessibility: Our innovative dual-directional zipper design offers exceptional ease and convenience when attiring or removing our premium swimwear.

With a specialisation in UPF50+ full-length swimsuits, we provide the highest level of sun protection without compromising style or comfort. Every Happii piece is designed to be manufactured with unwavering ethical standards. Join us in embracing a new era of responsible fashion for the next generation.