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Kids Swim Hat

Kids Swim Hat

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Happii’s meticulously crafted UPF 50+ swim sun hats for children.

Our sun hats is expertly designed to provide the utmost protection against harmful UV rays, ensuring your little ones can revel in carefree fun under the sun.

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Swim Hat Key Benefits

UPF 50+ Sun Protection with Double Layer Fabric: Leading sun protection for worry-free outdoor fun. Using top-rated UPF 50+ fabric, with double layer for enhanced protection.

Swim Hat for Ultimate Protection: Featuring an extra-wide brim and full neck coverage, our swim hats are built to last through countless adventures and ensure comprehensive protection during outdoor play. All swim hats feature a quick-release button on the adjustable neck strap, prioritising the utmost safety for your little ones.

Adjustable Fit: Available in two sizes, with adjustable drawstrings for a perfect fit that grows with your child.

Soft, Sustainable Fabric: Crafted from eco-friendly Italian fabrics, lined with 100% cotton for comfort.

Happii Colours

Hype: Imagine a maroon with a bright hint of dark pink, creating a captivating undertone that exudes confidence and allure. 

Venus: A delightful purple tone that encapsulates both luxury and creativity. This hue adds a touch of royalty to our collection, making each piece a work of art.

Trench: Envision a stunning caramel colour reminiscent of the classic trench coat shade. This warm and versatile tone effortlessly complements our range, bringing a touch of timeless elegance to every design.

Pretender: A mesmerising forest army green that captures the essence of nature's beauty. This shade takes centre stage in our very first Happii swimsuit, showcasing the union of elegance and the great outdoors.

Ethically Made in Bali, Indonesia 

Only covered areas are protected. We highly recommend to use sunscreen on uncovered areas.

While we make every effort to present our product photos in the most accurate colours possible, please be aware that discrepancies may exist due to variations in monitors, digital photography, and production processes. Therefore, we cannot assure that the colour displayed on your screen precisely represents the true colour of the product as seen on our website.


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